Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Blogging

So I've decided two things:

1: I need to attract some followers

2: In order to do said attracting I must A: Blog on a regular basis and B: Not have a blog whose appearance sucks

In the spirit of afore mentioned ideas I have spent the last few hours upgrading Miss Amber Lane Take On The Universe by adding a much more "me" layout and tons of photos and searching for blogs that I enjoy and may in turn enjoy mine a big Hi to those of you who may stumble over to my page wondering: "who is this Miss Amber Lane whoring herself out for followers?" Really I'm not I wouldn't have started following if i wasn't genuinely interested in your blogs!!!

I used to blog at Xanga and had some very loyal readers- but college ended,people got real jobs (as did I) and gradually everyone began to fell away- so I stopped blogging was no fun with no one reading and commenting- I'm hoping for a new start here- so I'm being proactive!

That being said:

Christmas was good, went by way too fast especially since I volunteered to work a few hours as manager on duty Christmas Day and was manager on duty the Saturday and Sunday following Christmas. Now its Monday and I am off (because I worked all weekend). I work Tuesday and Wednesday, then have a glorious 4 day weekend to ring in the new year!

We aren't going out with a big group this year- just one other couple to a party at a club near-by. We will probably also stop by my friend's house for a drink or two but not stay too long- I'm all about the glitz and the glamour when it comes to New Years so sitting around playing cards to ring in 2009 isn't really my cup of tea. So club it is!

Anyhow- I'm off to Party City to procure favors for said New Years Eve.

Until Next Time!


Tara Gibson said...

your blog is ADORABLE! Thank you for your sweet comments! : )

Erin said...

How did your New Year's Eve turn out? said...

HA. Guess what? You have a reader... You've been blogrolled, baby doll.